Do you accept commission work?

We are currently not accepting commission work, however if you are so inclined, contact us, as we are not beyond approach and would consider serious inquiries and or offers.

What is the difference between a reproduction and a near reproduction?

In all of our work, we seek to promote the highest quality of craft and design in American furniture and the decorative arts.  Therefore, much of our work is referential and is intended to promote and make accessible the great designs of the 18th, 19th, and 20th American centuries.

The objects we make and sell fall into four design categories: original, inspired, near reproduction, and reproduction.

We constantly strive to merge ideas with form in new and exciting ways.  Many of our works are original and of our own design.

Inspired works are referential and are adhere to the form of the period, movement, group, or person(s) who made it.

Near reproductions are our efforts to adhere to the strict dimensions, materials, and design principles of the original example.  However, our near reproductions are often the best or idealized version, as we will often correct mistakes in the original work to include using better quality materials, fixing errors or mistakes made by the original maker, or by assuming what was most likely intended by the craftsman who made it.  Examples of this in our Shaker furniture include a substitution of cherry for pine, and varnish or milk paint for colored lead paint.

Lastly, our reproductions are exercises in exactness in order to best replicate the originality of the form.

We have a strict policy against reproducing any works from living artists.

Are your materials sustainably sourced?

We adhere and promote the highest ethical standard of sustainability and use of materials.  The wood species and metals we use are responsibly sourced from quality suppliers.  Our products are designed to last for hundreds of years.  We also make every effort use American, Canadian, and German suppliers for all tools and materials.